The above illustration was cobbled together from a caricature by Kelly Freas and a political cartoon by Mike Keefe, in honor of Pathfinder – it's reprinted in honor of Spirit and Opportunity. Roll, babies, roll.

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2004 is the year of DUFF and Noreascon – and Rosy and I are already deep into both! We've set up a website (or "wesbite", as I always typo it) for the Down Under Fan Fund – check it out for the contest to bring an Australian fan to the worldcon in Boston. Either use the ballot enclosed with the mailed copies of this issue or download one from the site – and vote. Also for the worldcon, in partnership with Joe Siclari and the brilliant Geri Sullivan, we're editing the program/souvenir book – which I see as the Ultimate Science Fiction Fanzine. And there's still SFPA membership to maintain, and ChallengerHugo nominee, fifth year in a row! Be sure to eye the current issue on the NEW website (please note) if you haven't seen a hard copy, and send me a LOC.

On to the zines! Remember, I want to see and review every SF-oriented fanzine published in English!

 Ansible - Future Times

   The Great Cosmic Donut of Life -  The Revenge of Hump Day     

 SF Commentary - Yclept Yarbro 


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