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Summer 2009




This is a picture of the cover of Challenger 30

Cover by Frank Kelly-Freas

Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #1012


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Warning: As usual, some articles in this issue are graphic intensive.  Page size will be listed in red for any page over 200KB.

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Challenger Logo by Alan White




The Challenger Tribute: Nancy K. Lillian

Editorial: This Wheel                                    GHLIII
(Illo by Brad Foster)

From Reading in the Outback …             Lezli Robyn
(Illo by Kurt Erichsen)

Wayward Angel                              Charlie Williams
(Illo by the author)

An Anecdote                                         Curt Phillips

Evil & Me                                            Greg Benford
(Illo by unknown)

An Essay                                           Rich Dengrove
(Illo by Joe Mayhew)

Worthy of Worship”               Binker Glock Hughes
(Illos by Alexis Gilliland)

A Different Kind of Predator     Cathy Palmer-Lister
(Illo by Dany Frolich)

Everyone Welcome                 GHLIII/Chloie Airoldi/

Tomorrow                                       Olivia Spooner
(Illo by Randy Cleary)

Me, Josep, and the Messiah                 Mike Resnick
(Illo by Kurt Erichsen)

John Henry Had a Little Hammer                   GHLIII
(Illos by Charlie Williams)

Artistic Influence                                 Taral Wayne

How Forry Ackerman & Julie Schwartz …
                                                            Curt Phillips

Plato in the Night Kitchen                Alexis Gilliland
(Illo by Taral Wayne)

Hello Everyone                         Laura Haywood-Cory

Predictions of Robert A. Heinlein       Joseph Green
(Illos by Randy Cleary & Kelly Freas)

It’s All About the Kid Stuff                  Curt Phillips

Songs of Betrayal                             Mike Estabrook

The Chorus Lines                                  thou-selves
(Illos by William Rotsler)

Challenge at the Cutting Edge         Susan Whitmore
(Illos by Peggy Ranson)

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit        Jeff Copeland
(Illos by Charlie Williams & Lawrence Copeland)

My Dad and the Magazine in the Seatback
                                                           Chris Garcia

A Closing Word                                             GHLIII

A Visit                                              Joseph Green

Bacover                                             Wally Wood



CHALLENGER no. 30 is © 2009 by Guy H. Lillian III. All rights revert to contributors following first publication in print and on-line. Print copies $6@. July 2009

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