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Winter 2008-09




This is a medium image of the Cover -- a picture of a robot surfing through the air with flames shooting out the back of a high propulsion mechanized board.

Cover by Alan White
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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #1012


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ATTENTION ARTISTS!  Challenger still needs a favicon!

Warning: As usual, some articles in this issue are graphic intensive.  Page size will be listed in red for any page over 200KB.

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Challenger Logo by Alan White




Editorial                                                       GHLIII

The Challenger Tribute: Anni Green

Edgar Allan Crow                                   Shelby Vick

Bravo Bevo!                                         Mike Resnick
(Illo by Brad Foster)

Cale Yarborough, Steve Hale, and Me
Laura Haywood-Cory
(Illo by Brad Foster)

Those Good Old Days of Liquid Fuel               GHLIII
(Illos by Charlie Williams and Kayla Callahan)

Cricket: A Sport for Novel Readers    Cheryl Morgan

Footy                                                   Craig Hilton
(Illos by “Jenner”)

Doc Rat                                                Craig Hilton
(Illos by “Jenner”)

I Call It Loyalty 214KB                            Steven Silver
(Illos by Charlie Williams)

Cover judgment 320KB                            James Bacon

The House                                               Rich Lynch
(Illo by Brad Foster)

Golf in the Con-dom                          Dave Schlosser

The Man Who Invented Extraterrestrials
                                                    Richard Dengrove

The Stars My Consternation                 Greg Benford
(Illo by William Rotsler)

Infielders in the Basement                        Gary Robe
(Illo by Brad Foster)

The Right 600KB                                                      GHLIII
(Illos by Charlie Williams, Alan Hutchinson, etc.)

Denvention 3 Diary                               Mike Resnick
(Illo by Sheryl Birkhead)

Against the Graying of Fandom 999KB     Warren Buff

The Chorus Lines                                   readership
(Illos by Sheryl Birkhead and more...)

Just Here for the Gelato 415KB                Nicki Lynch
(Illos by Kurt Erichsen)

Why Quidditch?                              Rose-Marie Lillian


CHALLENGER no. 29 is © 2009 by Guy H. Lillian III. All rights revert to contributors following first publication in print and on-line. Print copies $6@. February 2009

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