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Doc Rat


What do you give a bee with hives? Or a squid with restless legs? Or a cat who’s crook as a dog? Well, there’s one family physician (or GP, as they call them in Australia) who knows the answer, and that’s an individual by the name of Doctor Ben Rat.

Doc Rat works as an embattled solo general practitioner in a city somewhere in Australia, assisted by a caring nurse, Mary Scamper (a rabbit) and a stroppy receptionist, Gizelle Thomson (a gazelle). His is a world populated entirely by animals (so that a giraffe is always a long patient!), but he faces the universal issues we are all familiar with – trying to do a good job with care and soul, working hard to make a living and have a life.

The creator, writer and artist of the series is a full-time GP himself, writing and drawing in his spare time under the name of Jenner. He may be familiar to readers of Challenger for his long history as fan artist Craig Hilton.

Doc Rat is a daily comic strip, available online at:

This is a sketch of Jenner a.k.a. Craig Hilton with Doc Rat

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