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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #1012


From Guy's Web Slave

Announcing the Challzine Favicon Contest

Challzine doesn't have a favicon.  I've tried to design one, but I don't like my feeble attempts at art.  Since there are so many wonderful artists that contribute to Challenger, I asked Guy if we could have a contest for the best favicon.

Guy said,  "What's a favicon?"

After I explained that it's the icon that appears on your desktop for programs or folders.  Also in your Start Menu if you are using Windows.  But the favicon I am looking for is the one that appears next to the sites you have bookmarked.  It also shows up in the URL address line of your browser (unless you use Internet Explorer). 

Guy said, "Sure, why not?" 

So... here are the specs.  The facicon must be in BMP format.  The large favicon is 48px X 48px; medium is 32px, and small is 16px (small is the size for the address bar and "My Favorites" faviicon).  If you design the large size, we can resize it, but you may want to try it yourself to see how well it shrinks.

You may enter as many appropriate favicon designs as you wish.

Send your entries to:

Deadline:  The next issue of Challzine -- or December 31, 2008 -- whichever comes first. All entries will be displayed in the next issue along with voting instructions.

The prize:  Our undying gratitude and the honor of being The Challzine favicon artist.  And Guy will throw in a copy of... something you'll enjoy reading.

Go now... make art.


Challenger Logo by Alan White




Critters: An Editorial                                       GHLIII
(Illos by Randy Childers and Wm. Rotsler)

The Challenger Tribute: Sheryl Birkhead

Critters I Have Known and Loved      Sheryl Birkhead
(Illos by the author)

Mike Resnick on the Triple Crown

Animal Companions & Empathy               Warren Buff

Science Fiction: Entering the Great Divide
                                                            Joseph Green

Between the Candle and the Star
                                                 Laura Haywood-Cory

New Dog … Old Tricks                                      GHLIII

The Future is Almost Here … for We, the Haves
                                                            Greg Benford

Edison’s Conquest of Mars              Richard Dengrove

Birth of a Notion                                             GHLIII


From Fan to Filthy Pro, in Ten Easy Steps
                                                T.K.F.W. Reinhardt
(Illo by Randy Cleary)

Holiday im Dreivierteltakt
                                  Kurt Erichsen & John Widmer
(Illos by Kurt)


Truman in Trouble  [885KB]                      James Bacon

Flashman at Klendathu                             Mike Glyer
(Illo by Charlie Williams)

Lord of the (Show) Rings                        Mike Resnick

The Pride of Lions                               Dennis Dolbear

Mr. Wizard & Harry Potter                   Greg Benford
(Illo by Charlie Williams)

“Gangway! Hot Organ!”: the Saga of Satyricon I and
SFPA 100
  [498KB]                                             GHLIII

A Hideous Confession                                      GHLIII

The Chorus Lines                                    readership
(Illos by Brad Foster & Wm. Rotsler)

Olympic Trials at the Purcell Petting Zoo
                                                            John Purcell
(Illo by Brad Foster)

Liz Copeland – Quilter/Birdwatcher                   GHLIII

Quantum Lake [384KB]             Liz Copeland (bacover)


CHALLENGER no. 28 is © 2007-2008 by Guy H. Lillian III. All rights revert to contributors following first publication in print and on-line. Print copies $6@. June 2008

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