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This is a picture of Pepper






Behold Pepper. He’s 2 1/2 years old, about five pounds, silver-coated on his back, gold in his mane, semi- housebroken, jealous of his bed, but generally happy and friendly.

My boss more-or-less gave him to us in late January of ‘08. I say “more-or-less” because Pepper is something of a loaner. Jimmy – that’s my boss – raises yorkies and bought him to serve as a literal stud puppy. (Sure enough, through his s.o., Ginger, Pepper became Pepper-the-papa in early March.)

But a problem arose. One of Jimmy’s other dogs saw Pepper as competition and soon the two pooches were tearing at each other like cats. Knowing we had lost Jesse last year, Jimmy figured we’d give Pep a nice home, and asked only that he be allowed to borrow him back now & then.

Pep is now an established member of our household. Our cats grew up around Jesse and in time we hope they both get used to her successor. He actually plays well with DaVinci, our fat, neutered male. Pep has his quirks. He darts towards his foodies, retreats and attacks again several times before chowing down, and be prepared to reach for the Bounty if he starts to chase his tail. And like I say, he’ll growl if you sit on his bed. But generally, he’s a great pooch.

So the Lillian household is yorkied-up once more. We are delighted.



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