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Winter 2008




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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #1012


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Editorial: Theme Dream                                       GHLIII

Jesse                                                                         GHLIII

Dating                                                                 “Zenkitty”

You Heard it Here First                               Taral Wayne

To Build a Fan              Chris Garcia & Evelyn Nelson

The Cynic’s Conumdrum                  Gregory Benford

Janus: The Two Faces of Arthur C. Clarke
(illo by Randy Cleary)                         Joseph Green

A Law of Controversy                        Gregory Benford

Thanks for Laughing At My Arms [228KB]
(illos by the author)                    Julia Morgan-Scott

Comic-con 2007                                   Charles Mohapel

So This is “The Roadshow”     Binker Hughes Glock
(illo by Randy Cleary)

Cookin’ with Fats                                  Dennis Dolbear

The Challenger Tribute: Ruth Judkowitz

Space Rock Goes Indie                             Warren Buff
     (illo by Brad Foster)

The Dangers of Reading Robert Rankin
James Bacon

An Astronomical Note                                          GHLIII

My World Tour with Guns ‘n Roses     Gary R. Robe
(illo: Charlie Williams)

What I Did on Friday Night                    James Bacon

Anyway I’m Backpacking (poem)     Mike Estabrook

Music(als) of the Spheres                       Mike Resnick      (illos by Kurt Erichsen)

In the Bottom of the Tornado (poem)
Mike Estabrook

“Wake Up and Smell the Coffin!”                       GHLIII

Praise the Wolflord!                                               GHLIII
     (illo by Glen Brock)

Remembering Hank                           Gregory Benford

The Chorus Lines                                          yourselves
     (illos by Wm Rotsler and Brad Foster)

Bacover: Charlie Williams


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