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anyway I’m backpacking

Mike Estabrook



 with 3 or 4 others who I don’t know

and we pass beneath

this high archway of rock a bright cave-like

entrance into a wide rubbly plain at the bottom

of an expansive pit the walls

mostly boulders rising-up all around

rising-up as high as you can see

and I walk out into the plain when suddenly

one giant boulder up at the top breaks loose

and drops straight down

the people I’m with are still protected

in the archway they see the boulder

and start yelling waving their arms

get out of the way get out of the way!”

but I’m paralyzed with fright

unable to move a muscle

not knowing what to do about this giant

boulder dropping straight down out

of the sky at me but then I snap out of it run

full speed out of the way and

the boulder hits the solid rock floor

with a tremendous cracking boom bounds

off towards the other side and I stagger

into the protection of the archway

my companions hug me hold me

then I sit with my head in my hands,

pale, sweating, shaking.


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