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Remembering Hank

Greg Benford

I heard of Hank Reinhardt's death while at the Jules Verne conference in Nantes, France. The resonance could not be more profound. Hank believed in our future. He wanted to live there.

I met him when I was 13, at the only meeting of the Atlanta SF Organization I attended. That meeting thrilled me and my brother Jim: here were fanzines, published by people who knew the one true genre. Yes, I thought: Dreams made solid.

Hank stood square at the center of the meeting, older and solid and wise. The first fan we ever met.

He has been solidly there for me all my life. He had the right ideas and the rough wit I respected. He came from the same hard origins, knew more and knew how to tell it. I could always count on him. Funny, smart, opinionated as are we all—and often right.

Damn, I’m going to miss him.


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