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Passing from this planet on the 20th of August, 2007 –

Jesse, our yorkie terrier, a member of Rose-Marie’s family for fifteen years, and of mine for six. She weighed two whole pounds at the time she left us, no more than 3 ½ at her heaviest, and she never exceeded the size of a couple of shoes. But oh, the hole she will leave in our lives ...

Jesse was with us at our wedding – remember Rosy’s “living bouquet”? She’d come with la belle to New Orleans, and gone with us to Buffalo – didn’t like all that snow. She went to Noreascon with us, and to Graceland – where she charmed the guard ladies -- and out west to the salt flats of Death Valley. Her yip-yips nearly got us thrown out of a DeepSouthCon hotel. Only when we went downunder for DUFF did she stay behind, and that only because Australia doesn’t admit foreign animals. When we returned from that trip, fetching Jesse was the first item on Rosy’s agenda, even before going home. And why not? Jesse was the critter to whom she fed Cheerios by hand and to whom she sang silly songs, who ran down the halls at convention hotels to find her, her devoted treasure, her woobie dawg.


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