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Spring-Summer 2007





Cover by Susan Russell
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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #1012


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Editorial: The Deep Field                                 GHLIII

Some Disconnected Thoughts  Jeffrey Copeland

Jamie Bishop                                          Barry Hunter

Asia Emerging                 Greg & Elisabeth Benford
     (illos by Charlie Williams)

When Funny Got More Laughs           Mike Resnick

Salad for Breakfast                              Eve Ackerman
     (illos by Julia Morgan-Scott)

The Challenger Tribute: Astrid Bear

A Show of Hands                                                 GHLIII
     (Photo by Rose-Marie Lillian)

Popular and Pilloried                             Greg Benford

How I Escaped My Peruvian Kidnapers Gary Robe
     (illos by Kurt Erichsen)

In Memoriam: Wally Schirra                              GHLIII

Homes Away from Home                      Mike Resnick

NOLA and Insurance                                  Tom Feller

The Chorus Lines                                          the same
     (illos by Wm Rotsler & Ian Gunn)

People’s Park                                                       GHLIII
     (illos: Charlie Williams & Elizabeth Atkinson)


A Tucker Story (x 2)                                 Curt Phillips

How Dull Was My Weekend                    Bob Tucker
     (illos by Lee Hoffman)


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