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pEOpLE's paRk 

The following article was originally published in Challenger #2 in the winter of 1995.


I was awoken at ten past four this morning. At that time People's Park... still belonged to the people who had constructed it. and Berkeley was an open city.

The Park was taken by five. fenced in by noon. At ten PM tonight Berkeley went under something notably resembling martial law.

Our fathers were honed and tempered for life by a Depression and a World War. It seems as if we are to undergo the same test of fire, tempered by our fathers."

That's an excerpt from my diary, May 15, 1969. I was 20, a boy, in the midst of the year that would start my becoming a man, experiencing the event that would, as much as anything, shape me as a spirit. Guy H. Lillian III, pompous initial and all, already existed, of course, and much of the kid that was already there is still with me. But something new was discovered on May 15, 1969 and in the weeks that followed. It has always been with me.



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