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Winter 2006-7




Cover by Taral Wayne
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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #953


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Editorial                                                                      GHLIII

On The City and the Stars                             John Hertz
(illos by Wm. Rotsler)

“The Cyber-Punks” 280KB  William Hoot (via Joe Major)
(illo by Steve Stiles)

Visited: the Howard House

Mike Resnick’s L.A. Con Diary

Risk and The Real World                          Greg Benford
(illo by Randy Cleary)

“Heinlein’s Children”: a Review by
Richard Dengrove

What’s It All About, Alfie?                                        GHLIII

The Challenger Tribute: Michelle Zellich

What Scientologists Believe About Mental Health
Mary Ann van Hartesveldt

The Greatest Bookshop of Them All      James Bacon

A.M.D.G.: Simon Rodia and the Watts Towers  640KB                                                                                        GHLIII

The Rise and Fall of the Canals of Mars   234KB
Richard Dengrove
     (illos by Kurt Erichsen)

Hebrews 13:3                                                             GHLIII

The Chorus Lines                            the aforementioned

The Best of All of Us: Bob Tucker 467KB   Curt Phillips
     (illo by Charlie Williams)


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