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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #953


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Gone with the Wind

This Issue                                   GHLIII

Watching                    Linda Krawecke

Our Five Days with
John W. Campbell, Jr.

                                    Joseph L. Green

Slick Cracked Glass Specters
                                      Mike Estabrook

           Dennis Dolbear
(Illos by Charlie Williams)

Journey to Mars
                            Richard Dengrove

Morrie the Critic
     Discusses the War in Iraq

                                 Alexis Gilliland
(Illos by the author)


Soylent Corp. & You
Elliot Weinstein
     (art by Randy Cleary)

The Photo Album                 John Guidry

Morning Call                     Earl Kemp

Bathrooms I Have Known
                                        Mike Resnick
     (Illos by Kurt Erichsen)

The New Atlantis
                                   Joseph T. Major

"Roe v. Wade"          Don Markstein

My Life in Science Fiction

Dick Jenssen/Ditmar
Ditmar Art Gallery Thumbnails 840KB

Why Does a Scientist
     Write Science Fiction?

                                        Greg Benford

(Illos by Rotsler)

E-Letter to Laura
Peggy Ranson

The Chorus Lines        Our Readers

Visitors and Visited

Two Four-Letter Words         GHLIII

The Challenger Tribute:
Cynthia Marie Snowden

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