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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
Shreveport, LA
GHLIII Press Publication #953

Cover by John Dell

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For those among you who just can't give up paper, most Challzine articles are now available in PDF format. The layout of the article may not be identical to the printed version in Challenger. The text will be the same, but the art may be smaller or not included. Care has been taken to keep pages small for fast viewing. Art is an exception. While every effort has been made, it just isn't possible to keep all artwork below 100KB. But it's close...

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Welcome                                   GHLIII 
     (Illo by Craig Hilton)

Conflict/Conflicted           Alex Slate
(Illos by Jerry Collins & Alexis Gilliland)

My Pal Ross                 Mike Resnick

Blimp                                    Mike Estabrook
     (Illo by ?
[ please contact webmaster - I lost your name ] )

Decontamination Squad
James Hogan

A Symphony of Books          GHLIII
(Illos by Kurt Erichsen)

Almost Half a Century    Jerry Page
     (Sketches by Jerry Burge)

An Interview with Greg Benford
Kevin Anderson

The Easter Bilby                     GHLIII  
     (Illo by Rosalyn Watson)
Footy                               Craig Hilton  
     (Illos by Craig Hilton)

Spam are Plentiful this Year
Jim Sullivan

The Challenger Tribute: Nicki Lynch

The Chorus Lines                Our readers
(blogged - dragging Guy,
                     kicking and screaming,
                                  into the 21st Centruy)

Monster's Brawl                      GHLIII

Why We Need a New Genre Label
Gene Stewart

The End of the World
Charlotte & Jerry Proctor
     (Illos by Charlie Williams)

Fanartists on Parade
Sheryl Birkhead

I, Fanartist                             Taral Wayne
     (Illos by the artist)

Last Words                                GHLIII

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