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on Parade

         Welcome to the second Challenger installment in the (hopefully) ongoing series of pieces showcasing fanartists. Once again, I would like to encourage you to mention the art in your locs--no, you don't have to be a critic (although most of us are)--which is what most fen cite as their reason for not mentioning the art. All you need to do is say you like or...well- you get the idea. Believe me, the contributing fanartists appreciate it. End of commercial announcement. Thank you for your kind attention.

          Just as writers have styles, so do artists (well duh!). Some (such as ATom) have styles so unique that the viewer knows that style after one exposure. Other fanartists can fool you, being capable to rendering nice eyecandy in a variety of styles--making it more difficult to identify the creator. Most, but not all, fanartists sign their work-making a novel (ahem) signature an added bonus. As an aside- if you have never taken a look at the signature of Joe Mayhew- that took ingenuity to think up. But, back to the topic at hand.

          Taral has been providing eye enjoyment to fanzines for about 30 years. As Athena had, I always thought his style had arrived on the scene fully developed, but he let me see some of his very early work and the evolution is obvious. It is likely that most, if not all, of you reading Challenger are already familiar with his style- if not, come on in and look around...if you already know his creations, find out about the fan behind the illos that you have been enjoying for years. Let me introduce you to Taral.


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