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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
P.O. Box 53092
New Orleans LA 70153-3092
GHLIII Press Publication #953

Cover by J.K. Potter


Challenger Logo by Alan White

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Editoral     GHLIII
The Einstein Code: A Review    
Greg Benford
Guest Editorial: Steampunk: Toward a Better Yesterday     Christopher J. Garcia
The Far Side of the Earth     GHLIII
The Old, Old Story     Terry Jeeves
(Illos by the author)
Fanartists on Parade     Sheryl Birkhead
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Fan
Tim Kirk
       (Illos by the author)
Graphic intensive (30 seconds at 56.8Kbps)
A Visit to Jack Vance:2004    
David Williams
Noreascon Diary     Mike Resnick
(Illos by Kurt Erichsen)
Water Flowing Uphill
     Sheryl Birkhead
A New Take on the Moon Hoax    
Richard Dengrove
(Illos by Terry Jeeves)
The Challenger Tribute: Geri Sullivan     GHLIII
The Chorus Lines     Our readers
The Best Speech I Never Gave     GHLIII

The Galactic Route

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Challenger #21 is (c) 2005-2005 by Guy H. Lillian III. All rights revert to contributors upon initial print and website publication. Challenger is available for $6, contributions, trade, contributions, anything short of the back of your hand, really

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