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Everyone enjoys a nicely illustrated article, a nifty cover,...a chuckle-filled cartoon, but most fen do not comment on artwork. Over the years I have seen some of the shining stars of fanartists disappear and newer fen don’t know the names or the styles. To try to preserve some of our fanartist heritage, I tried to start up a series of articles or profiles --starting with fanartists that were out of the current mainstream. Man, you’d think I was trying to pull teeth. I never thought fanartsits would be a particularly humble or retiring bunch, but very few even responded to my letters asking for some help. I was very chagrined to find that I was unfamiliar with the art of quite a few tht show up on the list of fanartist nominees over the years, but couldn’t pry responses or samples of artwork out of them, as a group.

So, I bumble along as best I can, letting the artist provide whatever they wish--a biio, an article...a showcase...snippets- I’ll take whatever I can get!

       In 1997, Tom Sadler (the Reluctant Famulus) agreed to be the forum and the first article appeared ( Bill Rotsler #51, Peggy Ranson #52, Joe Mayhew #53, Terry Jeeves #54, Alan Hunter #55, Ken Cheslin #56, and Grant Canfield #59). These are loosely informative pieces, with the goal being to introduce and also preserve a style so future fen can also enjoy the wonders that are fanart.

I regret that I could not get an article from Ian Gunn - I had written to him, but he could not get around to it...and then it was too late. I am desperately trying to keep that from happening to fanartists as a group. But, dang it guys-- I need a little help!

Tim Kirk was nominated 8 times (last in 1977) and won 5 times. His style is distinctive and just plain...nice. Somewhere around here I have the hardback book about his art--really, really, nice.

So, this begins the run of fanartist snippets in Challenger. Tom Sadler found his pubbing schedule was getting too unpredicatble and Guy kindly offered Challenger as a venue. We’ll see what happens--I have requests out to quite a few fanartsits...but it has been that way for a while--I’m told by friends of friends of... that somethimg will be along RSN--could you hurry it up guys????

Read on and enjoy.


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