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Summer 2004



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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
P.O. Box 53092
New Orleans LA 70153-3092
GHLIII Press Publication #953

Cover: Red Baron vs. Red Dragon
Hugo Winner, Frank Wu


Challenger Logo by Alan White


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The Secret of Julius Schwartz     GHLIII
Julie Schwartz: The Memorial Service    
Mike Friedrich
For Julie Schwartz     Alan Moore
An Editorial: In This Issue     GHLIII
The Mistakes Tech Writers Do ...    
Joseph L. Green
(Illo by Rotsler)
Morrie the Critic Discusses Love and Death    
Alexis Gilliland
The Real Future of Space     Greg Benford
(Illo by Joe Mayhew)
An Editorial: Ronnie     GHLIII
Why Carol Won't Go With Me ...     Mike Resnick
(Illos by Randy Cleary)
The Thunderbirds are ... No Go    
Taral Wayne
(Illos by the author)
The Challenger Tribute: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 
Photoing the Nubble-Bubble     GHLIII
(Photos by the author)
The Night I Saw Death     Albert Hoffman
(Illo by Kurt Erichsen)
The Resident Patient - A Medical Opinion    
Dr. Craig Hilton
(Illos by Sidney Paget)
I Finally Remembered Joe     Tim Marion
An Editorial: What About that Ditch?     GHLIII
Dope Court     GHLIII
The Chorus Lines     Our readers
(Illos by many)
It's Me, Katy, Talking     Faye Best
Strange Schwartz Stories     GHLIII
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(Illos by many)


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Challenger #20 is (c) 2004 by Guy H. Lillian III. All rights revert to contributors upon initial print and website publication. "Strange Schwartz Stories" is copyright 1974 by DC Comics, Inc. Used by permission. Challenger is available for $6, contributions, tribute


 The Chorus Lines

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