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Spring/Summer 2003



Artist: Linda Miller depicting "Darth Vator"
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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
P.O. Box 53092
New Orleans LA 70153-3092
GHLIII Press Publication #953

Cover: by LINDA MILLER depicting “Darth Vator”

Challenger Logo by Alan White




(Illo by Steve Stiles)
Fandom the Genetic Factor  Trinlay Khadro
Visitors ... and Visited*
(Illos by Ian Gunn)*
Poems Michael Estabrook
Asia Major Greg Benford
(Illos by Wm. Rotsler)
Insurance Law for Fun & Profit   E. B. Frohvet
No Picnic at Hanging Rock GHLIII
(Illos by Charlie Williams)
Mike Resnick’s ConJose Diary Mike Resnick    
(Illo by Kurt Erichsen)
Herb Garden Terry Jeeves
The Chorus Lines Readers*
Greener Pastures GHLIII
(Illo by Craig Hilton)
The Clink GHLIII
The Challenger Tribute: Ozzie Gulls*

 *Not Available Online     


Challenger #18 is (c) 2003 by Guy H. Lillian III. Rights to first print and on-line publication reserved; all rights revert to contributors upon publication. Challenger is available for $6, trade with other publications, contributions, sex. Uhh, only for you, Rosy. Printed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Vote early, often and posthumously if you must. 


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