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Winter 2003



Challenger 17 cover by Paul McCall
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Guy H. Lillian III, editor
P.O. Box 53092
New Orleans LA 70153-3092
GHLIII Press Publication #946

Cover: the Good Professor by Paul McCall

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Editorial     GHLIII
    (Cartoon by Teddy Harvia)

Charles Williams' Novels of the Supernatural

     Binker Hughes
How I Wrote "Continued on Next Rock" *
R.A. Lafferty       
Darkness at Noon      Jack Calvert
The Trouble with Utopias      James P. Hogan
Police Stories I      Guy Lillian
(Illustrations by Dany Frolich & Pat Yeates)*
3000 Miles in Three Days     Randall Fleming
(Illos by Kurt Erichsen)*
When I Go to Sleep      Robert Whitaker Sirignano
Visitors and Visited **
Extraterrestrials: The History of an Idea
     Richard Dengrove
(Illos by Ron Juge)*
Predator vs. the Roadrunner
     Robert Whitaker Sirignano
Police Stories II
Kissing      Michael Estabrook
My Ten Favorite Comics      GHLIII
The Challenger Tribute: Giani Sirignano*
A Frozen Future?      Greg Benford
     (Illos by Charlie Williams)
The Sport of Kings      Mike Resnick
     (Illos by Bryan Norris)
Nocturnal Mission*      John Berry
Police Stories III      GHLIII
(Illo by Rotsler)*
Epistles **     My Beloved Readership
Bye Bye Birdie      GHLIII
Thirty      GHLIII

 *Not Available Online     
**Condensed Version       


Challenger #17 is (c) 2002 by Guy H. Lillian III. Rights to first print and on-line publication reserved; all rights revert to contributors upon publication. Challenger is available for $6, trade with other publications, contributions, sex. Uhh, only for you, Rosy. Printed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Vote early, often and posthumously if you must. 


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